How to Change Domain Nameserver in JimatHosting

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Step 1 - Logging in to Client Area Account

  • Firstly you must login to Client Area.
  • You may click here to access our Client Area website.

Step 2 - Find domain

  • Once you logged in Client Area
  • Click Domain section as image below
  • Page will be directed and all domain that you purchase with us and listed there

Step 3 - Select Domain

  • From here you can select any domain that you wanted to change the nameserver
  • By clicking the dropdown button on the right corner from the domain listed, it will show you Manage Nameserver
  • Click it and it will directed to changing nameserver setting

Step 4 - Changing Nameserver

  • Here you can fill up the nameserver that you have
  • How do i find nameserver ?
    – If you using other hosting you should receive an email with their hosting details including nameserver information
    – If its not you may try to contact their support
  • How long it takes for the domain to complete propagation of nameserver ?
    -By default ours will take less than 2 hour, but propagation across the internet is beyond our control and we recommend please allow up to 24 hour for domain to take effect.
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